Our mission is to elevate the aesthetics beauty industry by providing high quality services and empower learners. 

Our aim is to provide you with beauty services and learning using the latest products, technology and innovative techniques in the industry.


The Vale Aesthetics clinic and training academy specialises in a mixture of holistic and non-surgical treatments. Based in West London Maida Vale, we pride ourselves on having a wide range of treatments that are affordable for our diverse clientele. Our clinic offers luxurious beauty treatments from deep cleansing and pore-refining facials to Dermal fillers and PRP. We promote healthy aesthetic goals and allow our clients to achieve the best appearance possible.



At The Vale Aesthetics London, we believe it is our duty to share our knowledge with others. We aim to educate all clients and trainees that visit us, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of their skin and aesthetic health. As a Black-owned business, it is imperative to us that our treatments and training courses are inclusive and suitable for all skin types and shades. Building self-confidence and promoting self-acceptance is always at the forefront of our care


Our training facility welcomes both up-and-coming aestheticians and trained medical professionals and we focus on teaching advanced and astute aesthetic care. Our staff, who have over 8 years of expertise in the aesthetic field, provide an intimate educational approach. We aim to instil confidence in our students and ignite a passion for the aesthetic industry. Alongside training, we offer employability prospects for all learners, hands-on experience in a bustling London location and lifelong support from our staff. This helps us to create a comfortable and fruitful learning environment and luxury care.




Her passion and desire to share knowledge is distinguished with over 20 years as an educator and 5 years of experience working as an Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner with some of the industry’s most leading brands, and learning for the highly qualified Medics, she brings expertise and passion to The Vale Aesthetics. Having established her own clinic in both Sudan and the UK, and transferring her knowledge as a teacher in various subjects and sectors she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in education techniques.
"I am grateful for the opportunities I have been blessed with in my career that made me the passionate Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner and educator I am today - as an international trainer delivering Aesthetics and most recently one of the partners of The Vale Aesthetics.”

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Her work is distinguished by a desire to share her passion and with over 20 years of experience working with some of the industry’s most influential brands, at luxury destinations, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in therapies, techniques and education. Best described as dynamic, direct and engaging; her teaching style brings a welcomed creativity.
"I feel grateful to have had a whirlwind of a career that has involved being a face and bodywork practitioner, an international trainer to influential brands around the globe.
I’m thrilled to be part of The Vale Aesthetics Training Academy to spark your interest by sharing what I know - to empower you to be the very best therapists that work intelligently".

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'Her desire is to ensure new therapists are given the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as independent therapists and aestheticians.  With over 18 years specialising in advanced skincare, a Lecturer for over 6 years teaching level 1 – 4 Beauty therapy and having worked on the Education board for HABIA to re-write the occupational standards for beauty therapists Sara brings on board the industries highest standards 
“My passion is to raise the standards within our industry and ensure all new therapists are given the knowledge and skill set to be the best.
I am enthusiastic about what the future holds for me with The Vale Aesthetics Training Academy and look forward to building exceptional learning experiences for all”. 



'Her passion is to help others and transfer her 13 years of knowledge and experience for many years to come. Taking great pride in her work, she pushes her learners  to become the best professional therapists they can be.  With over 11 years of teaching Levels 2 to 4 Beauty Therapy, Level 2 to 3 Hairdressing, Level 2 to 5 Education and Training  and is a lead in the role of IQA, Caroline is able to transfer real life experience in the industry to learners.   
“I take pride in my work and push my learners to be best professional therapists they can be, ready for industry. I am truly grateful for the exceptionally experienced and passionate tutors that have helped me to work hard under the pressure of bringing up my family and caring for my seriously ill, disabled husband along the way.  I have a fun but strict work ethic and will support you throughout your journey"